Profile Hydro- and Engineering Geology

Within the framework of the Master's programme in Applied Geosciences, the profile Hydro- and Engineering Geology can be selected. This profile includes the following mandatory combination of subjects:

1. Geoscience core competencies

All of the following modules from the geoscience core competencies:


  • Methods and applications
  • Karst and isotopes

Engineering Geology:

  • Laboratory and field methods
  • Mass movements and modelling

Project study or professional internship in hydrogeology or engineering geology.

2. Geoscientific specialisations

All of thefollowing modules from the geosciencespecialisations:


  • Groundwater Modelling
  • Terrain and laboratory methods

3. Subject-related options

Module(s) from the subject-based supplements (only 10 LPs possible):

  • Water chemistry and water technology
  • Rock mechanics and tunnelling
  • Environmental Geotechnics
  • Geotechnical Engineering (Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics and Fundamentals of Foundation Engineering)
  • Groundwater and dam construction
  • Earth and foundation engineering
  • or one of the other modules from the geoscientific specialisations
  • or another module related to hydro- and engineering geology after prior approval by the examination board

4. Master thesis

Master thesis in hydro- or engineering geology

The regular study and examination regulations apply. Confirmation of successful participation in the Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology profile is issued by the Examination Board upon application by the student after completion of the programme.

Exemplary study schedule

An exemplary course of study starting in the winter semester could look like this, for example: