Engineering Geology

Engineering geological services

One of the aims of the Department of Engineering Geology is the well-founded communication of geotechnically relevant experiments in research and teaching. One focus is the analysis of the test determining factors. Standard experiments as they are taught to our students in practical courses are not offered as a service by the KIT Engineering Geology Department. In the Department of Engineering Geology we offer the following experiments:

  • Determination of thermal conductivity with ISOMET 2104;
  • Mercury porosimetric investigation;
  • determination of hydraulic permeability according to DIN 18130/T1;
  • Special questions in the field of engineering geology and near-surface geothermal energy, which are not in competition with commercial suppliers.

On request, we will provide you with further information and an individual offer:

Contact: Dr. Hagen Steger, Phone: +49 (0)721 608 46946

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