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Engineering geology is part of the Applied Geosciences Karlsruhe. It stands for geologically underpinned development in construction and mining, the energy sector, environmental technology as well as transport, supply and disposal infrastructures. Engineering geology is the link between geo and engineering sciences.


Kathrin Menberg forscht zur nachhaltigen Nutzung der Geoenergie – Umfassende Unterstützung auf dem Weg zur ProfessurK.Menberg
Wrangell Programme Promotes KIT Geoscientist

Kathrin Menberg researches the sustainable use of geoenergy - Comprehensive support on the way to a professorship

Simple, precise, inexpensive: New method for researching groundwater

Researchers have developed a new method to investigate groundwater resources more cost-effectively, more simply and more comprehensively than before. To the article

Groundwater reservoirs help to save energy

Groundwater storage systems have proven to be more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to heating and cooling systems. To the article

Latest publications

Tunnel geothermics – A review = Tunnelgeothermie – Ein Überblick
Stemmle, R.; Menberg, K.; Rybach, L.; Blum, P.
2022. Geomechanics and Tunnelling, 15 (1), 104–111. doi:10.1002/geot.202100084
Environmental impacts of aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES)
Stemmle, R.; Blum, P.; Schüppler, S.; Fleuchaus, P.; Limoges, M.; Bayer, P.; Menberg, K.
2021. Renewable & sustainable energy reviews, 151, Art.-Nr.: 111560. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2021.111560